Privacy Policy

For us, the protection and security of our customers and users and compliance with the legal framework is an essential part of the principles of protecting your personal information.

“ER TOURS” Ltd. is a trade company, registered in the Trade Register at the Registry Agency with UIC 204894311, with headquarters and address of management: 1164 Hristo Smirnenski 44 B, tel .: 0 876 214 172, E-mail: info @

The Competent Supervisory Authority is the Personal Data Protection Commission (CPDP):

    Address: Sofia 1592, Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov blvd
    Phone: +359 2 915 3 518
    Web site:

This Privacy Policy aims to provide you with information about what actions are taken with the personal data you provide to EP TOURS Ltd (hereinafter referred to as SOZOPOLI), namely:

    What personal data do we collect and process?
    What is the purpose of their collection?
    How do we handle your personal information?
    How long do we store the personal data we provide?
    Who do we share this personal information with?
    What are your rights regarding the personal data provided?
    What types of cookies do we use?

How do we protect your personal data?

Personal data

This site does not create personal accounts and does not collect information for each user personally. No third-party data is provided.

Concrete form – The data collected through the contact form (Name, Surname, E-mail, Phone) serves only to respond to your inquiries. They are confidential, are not used for other purposes, and are not shared with third parties.

Reservation – Data provided via the reservation form (Name, E-mail, Phone) are used only for the purpose of booking a holiday. They are confidential, are not used for other purposes, and are not shared with third parties.

Comments – The data provided through the comments form (Name, E-mail) are used only for blog discussions. They are confidential, are not used for other purposes, and are not shared with third parties.

How do we notify you of a change to our Privacy Policy?

Personal data is any information and data that can identify an individual, directly or indirectly. The processing of personal data includes the collection, storage, destruction, transmission, correction, updating, deletion, destruction and any other actions that are performed with your personal data.

This website does not create personal accounts and does not collect information for each user personally. Personal data is collected only through the Contact form on the site. The personal data collected is Name, Surname, Phone Number, E-mail.

You can contact the SOZOPOLI Personal Data Protection Officer at the following contacts: Address: Sofia 1164 Hristo Smirnenski 44 B, tel .: 0 876 214 172, E-mail:

Purpose of collecting personal data

The information gathered is processed only for the purpose of providing the requested services, by submitting inquiries, as well as contacting you as our clients.

More information about the terms of use of the websites can be found in the General Terms and Conditions.

Method of processing personal data

The user agrees to use cookies by clicking the “OK” button on a pop-up banner on the site specifying their use, and specifying a link to the current Privacy Policy page.

Term of storage of personal data

The term of storage of personal data collected through our Contact Form is 1 (one) year from the completion of this form.

Provision of personal data to third parties

We do not provide your personal data without your express consent to third parties.

Consumer rights

As Users you can exercise the following rights:

    The right to access the personal data being processed and the right to receive a copy thereof;
    Right to request a correction if you find inaccuracies or need to update your personal information;
    The right to request the blocking of your personal data or the limitation of the processing of personal data in the cases determined by the law and the Regulation;
    You have the right to request deletion of your personal data if the conditions are met;
    The right to file a complaint or an application for protection of your rights with a Personal Data Protection Commission, if the prerequisites are in place.

You may exercise all rights at any time to process your personal data by sending a written application signed by you to: 1164 Hristo Smirnenski 44 B, tel .: 0 876 214 172, email: info @ sozopoli .com.


Cookies are a packet of information sent from a web server to an Internet browser, and then returned by the browser each time it has access to that server. There are different types of cookies. They are of different validity, the minimum is only up to the end of the session, and the maximum is within 3 years, and their management is done through the user’s browser settings.

More information about cookies and their management can be found at the following link:

Cookies info

We need to alert you that a denial of cookies may result in a decrease in the functionality of the website, as well as a deterioration in the quality of the service we provide through it.

Statistics and Remarketing Tools

Facebook Pixel – a Facebook tool that gets statistics on site visits and the performance of our Facebook ads. The data collected through it does not contain information to identify specific individuals. However, Facebook Pixel information allows users to be personally identified and receive targeted advertising on the social network of the same name.

We use this tool to offer you just current offers, and not to get the same ads too often.

Learn more from Facebook’s official privacy policy here:

You can manage your personalized Facebook settings here:

Google Analytics – a Google Inc tool, thanks to which we receive visitor statistics on your site, and you – the only relevant ads. The information we receive is not sufficient to identify you as an individual, but based on its collection, you can still be personally identified by Google Inc. The information is kept for 26 months and then deleted automatically.

If you wish to opt out of Google Analytics tracking globally from all sites, you can do so via the link

We have to warn you, however, that this will not stop the ads you see, but will only make them more irrelevant, which means less and less useful to you yourself.


Encryption – To protect your privacy from third-party abuse, the information you provide is encrypted using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol. You can make sure that you have a green padlock in your browser’s progress bar and that the URL starts with “https”.

For any questions regarding the use and protection of personal data or the withdrawal of consent to processing, please contact us at